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Grievance Redressal Mechanism

Last updated on 1 September 2023

At Fundly, we take enormous pride in building our franchise revolving around what our customers truly want. Most of our products and processes revolves around this fulcrum. While we grow with this endeavour, we do understand that customer complaints are part of any business, and this offers us an opportunity to understand customer issues.

To make Fundly's redressal mechanism more meaningful and effective, we have put in a structure which is just, fair and abides by the regulations prescribed by regulator for our Partner Regulated Entities.

Service Levels

Customers who desire to provide feedback or communicate their complaint if they are not satisfied with services provided, and / or, may want to report any misconduct by Fundly, or their representatives such as Relationship Managers / agents etc, may use the following channels between 0930 hrs – 1830 hrs, from Monday to Saturday (except on public holidays)

Level 1
Level 2

In case the complaint is not resolved within the given timeline or if he/she is not satisfied with the solution provided, the customer can approach our Grievance Redressal Officer –

Level 3

In case the response received through the above channels are not satisfactory, they can write directly to our Head – Customer Engagement. We assure a response to letters / emails received through this channel within 5 working days.

Level 4

If the complaint/dispute is not redressed within a period of 14 days, the customer may appeal to our NBFC Partner (Regulated Authority) on the details mentioned in the Key Fact Statement.